Began the Journey!

La Concepción, Masaya, Nicaragua (30/09/2012)


24hr diner dude, riding in the bed of a pickup (whilst flying over speed bumps!), watching a live Nicaraguan baseball game, dragon fruit.


I’ve been told again and again, even by my self that I can be too serious a person and that I should lighten up. I believe its true! In comparison to many others, I’m not usually the kind of person who outwardly expresses how I feel, but this isn’t to say I’m not feeling! I either just don’t know how, can’t, or choose not to show it (I’m not sure which yet!) Perhaps for me this is one of those lifelong challenges that some people speak about. Either way, when it comes down to it, if you were to survey ten people about whether they think I’m too serious in life, I’d bet that 7 out of those 10 would say “Yes”. The other three are my closest friends who would likely agree that most of the time I take life too serious, the other few times I can be quite a goof! So why am I saying this stuff? Well my thought is that it leads to what happened yesterday in Houston, Texas. I was in a 24 hour diner that was packed (who knew so many people got as hungry as I at 11:00pm!) and I was patiently waiting for my takeout order. A stranger who was a guest at a table of 14 people, randomly walks over to me. An elderly man, he seems friendly, but I put an imaginary guard up anyways (one of my seriousness traits I suppose!) Then he says in a southern accent, “YOU KNOW MISS, ITS OK TO SMILE”, he then grins before going back to finish his meal.

WOAH. For me that was a wakeup call. Is it odd that I had to wait until a complete stranger gave me permission to enjoy life’s moments? I’m still not sure, but what I am sure of, is that I walked out of the diner with a genuine grin upon my face that didn’t fade until I fell asleep. This may seem so small a concept, but for me, this was a great lesson to carry with me on this journey. I shall be conscious of my happiness.


At first I wouldn’t have been able to tell you much, as I arrived at night and my views of the scenery were all greyscale images, but this morning I woke up to see brilliant greenery outside my window! Unlike the flatness of the majority of Alberta’s land, Nicaragua is all countryside that is full of hills and small mountains boasting with foliage. The locals are extremely friendly, saying, “Hola” to everyone that walks past. They also seem to enjoy life as I just passed a man sitting in the back of a moving pick up truck strumming a guitar and singing 🙂 I think I can learn a lot from these people!


Most locals would probably say no as the weather here is consistently: low of 25, high of 33 degrees Celsius. It is absolutely glorious (with the odd surprise rain shower here and there). However, I didn’t need to look outside to tell the weather this morning… No sir! I just had to look at my hair. After I got over the shock of what was staring back at me in the mirror and how my hair manages to rebel against gravity, I officially declared myself a frizz head for the day! It is really humid here, like being in the butterfly sanctuary at the Calgary Zoo except all the time. My hair thinks its frizztastic 😛 I also experienced my first Nicaraguan thunderstorm. Lets just say I now know why the gutters along the street are over a meter deep!


On an initiation hike today at La Mariposa Spanish School, we harvested and ate fresh bananas (yum!), pineapple (scrumptious!) and my new favourite, deliciously ripe dragon fruit! (But be forewarned that the juice from his fruit dies clothes and hands purple!). The hike was through the countryside except let me say that some of the hills we climbed felt like mountains in the extreme humidity! I’m pretty sure even my fingernails and eyelashes were sweating by the time we were done! (As were those of the other members of the group just for the record!) A mixture of bush whacking and strolling down trails, it was a glorious day!

Tomorrow I begin Spanish classes, lets hope I remember what I’ve learned in high school!



Happy to hear you are starting your journey and enjoying, looking forward to reading your upcoming blogs
love aunty shirley From Shirley, on Oct 3, 2012 at 04:31AM

Well done Alysia, you just keep going. Maybe you could teach me some Spanish when you get back. Enjoy your adventure and continue discovering the lands ahead of you and the great and wonderful things inside you.

Cheers, Todd From Todd Grech, on Oct 5, 2012 at 02:02AM

Hi Alysia you are going to love Nicaragua. Sounds like you are already starting to click with it! It was me and Dan’s favourite Central America country. We will be back there in January (hopefully) how awesome would it be if you were still there, but you may have moved to your next destination by that time. Anyway I will keep following your blog, and if you have a chance try and get a glimpse of Lago de Nicaragua, with volcanoes Concepción and Maderas. It is truly breathtaking. If you can get on a boat over the water and onto Isle Ometepe that would be even better. From Denise, on Oct 6, 2012 at 12:39AM

I laughed so hard! The post is so completely you, I miss you even more now!!!!! From Sawah, on Oct 6, 2012 at 12:59AM


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